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Beth Van Deusen is a designer with over 18 years experience in residential renovations and construction. After receiving her degree in interior design, she went to work for a Chattanooga construction company. In that capacity, she served as both a designer and project manager, drawing plans for homeowners and supervising the construction process. Her experience in the construction industry has been invaluable in developing her ability to create realistic renovation plans – plans that combine form and function and blend seamlessly with the existing structure.

Beth grew up in Chattanooga, graduated from GPS, then received a degree in English and French from Denison University. After teaching in the local public schools, she returned to school, earning a B.S. degree in Interior Design. She was the in-house designer for HGH Construction before launching her own design business. She and her husband Schaack have two children, Sarah and Evan.

Residential Designer – custom home and renovation plans

Van Deusen Design takes special care to understand the unique needs of each client in designing every project. The partnership between Beth and the homeowners ensures a true collaboration, resulting in a finished product both parties are proud to claim.

Travis and Teresa McDonough

Beth was a great asset to us during our project. She appreciated the tone and style we wanted to portray.  If you are someone who knows exactly what you want, Beth will respect that and find a way to make your decisions work together. She is  always patient, a good listener, and a joy to work with.

Stefanie and Chip Crowe

My nickname for Beth is the “Design Goddess”.  Beth designed a series of arches and columns, which helped us turn our house into a highly functional showplace! Without Beth’s expertise, we would have been sorely disappointed.

Wesley Cash

Beth worked with us to modernize our kitchen and create a master suite in our 1930 Tudor-style home. She envisioned a floor plan that transformed existing space to suit our family’s lifestyle yet maintained the integrity of our home’s style and charm. One of our favorite parts about working with Beth is that she helped us take a monumental task and break it down into manageable pieces.

Cynthia and Paul Fagan