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Typical Design Process

  • Initial on-site assessment: This free assessment provides you with the opportunity to meet the designer and discuss the scope of your desired project.
  • Record existing condition: When the project is approved, the house or space to be renovated will be measured and drawn in its current condition, using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, for reference.
  • Develop schematic plans: Based on your initial assessment, multiple options will be drafted for the project.
  • Client meeting: This meeting allows you to review the drafted options and make suggestions or revisions based on your project desires.
  • Revisions: After receiving feedback from the drafts, a new project plan will be created, combining the revisions, suggestions and favorite features from the original schematic options.
  • Second client meeting: You will have the opportunity to review the new plan on the computer software to better visualize the final product.
  • Develop final plans:  When the new project plan is approved, a final drawing will be created, which may include a dimensioned floor plan, cabinet plan, elevations (interior and exterior), roof plan, lighting plan, and perspectives.