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Typical Design Process

  • Initial on-site assessment: This free assessment provides you with the opportunity to meet the designer and discuss the scope of your desired project.
  • Record existing condition: When the project is approved, the house or space to be renovated will be measured and drawn in its current condition, using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, for reference.
  • Develop schematic plans: Based on your initial assessment, multiple options will be drafted for the project.
  • Client meeting: This meeting allows you to review the drafted options and make suggestions or revisions based on your project desires.
  • Revisions: After receiving feedback from the drafts, a new project plan will be created, combining the revisions, suggestions and favorite features from the original schematic options.
  • Second client meeting: You will have the opportunity to review the new plan on the computer software to better visualize the final product.
  • Develop final plans:  When the new project plan is approved, a final drawing will be created, which may include a dimensioned floor plan, cabinet plan, elevations (interior and exterior), roof plan, lighting plan, and perspectives.
Design fee is $95 per hour. Below are average costs for different projects.
Note: After the initial meeting, a design proposal will be submitted to the client detailing the scope of work. This proposal will include a customized estimate of the number of hours it will take to complete the desired project.

Kitchen Plans

Kitchens typically range anywhere between 10 to 16 hours.

Master Suites

Master suites can range between 12 and 20 hours. The lower-end estimate typically consists of plans within the original footprint of the house. Additions take more time and are in the upper end of the time frame.

Whole House/Renovations Affecting Several Rooms

Depending on the scope of the project, large-scale renovation plans take typically 25 to 40 hours to develop.

Custom Residential Renovation Plans

Quality, value and service are the hallmarks of Van Deusen Design. Whether you’re remodeling a small bathroom, updating your kitchen or adding an entire master suite, Beth Van Deusen can help you define the scope of your project and create a plan that works for your house, lifestyle and budget.